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Refer a family to MammaKind

If you are struggling to provide for your children and live in south-east London, or if you are a professional working with a family that is struggling, we may be able to help. Click on the expanding sections below to find out more and request a referral. Once a referral is accepted, MammaKind baby bank can supply a tailored package of children’s clothes, essential toiletries, baby equipment, toys and nappies.

Get help from us

If you would like our help and live in Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich or Lewisham, you need a professional to refer you. This could be a healthcare professional, such as a midwife, health visitor, nurse or GP, a member of staff at a children’s centre, nursery or school, charity, foodbank or other official voluntary organisation to refer you to us. Unfortunately we are not able to accept self-referrals at this time.

If your professional is not already connected to us, you can show them this website and ask them to get in touch using the referral form in the ‘Refer a family to us’ section below.

If you do not live in one of the boroughs we cover, please check the baby bank map below to find an alternative baby bank near you.

Refer a family to us

You can make a referral to us if you are a professional working with the family or at an official voluntary organisation that supports families in poverty. For example, you could work in healthcare as a midwife, health visitor, nurse, lactation consultant or GP. Alternatively you could work for a childcare centre, nursery or school, be a social worker or childminder, or volunteer at a food bank.

Once a referral has been accepted, MammaKind can supply what the family needs most, from children’s clothes, nappies and essential hygiene products to baby equipment and baby food. Please note, we can currently only support families with children aged five years and under, living in Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham.

If you would like to refer someone to MammaKind, please fill in the referral request form below and someone from the MammaKind team will be in touch as soon as possible to find out more.

Referral request form

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    Your service changes lives. I know I can go home with peace of mind, having supported a family in the most desperate of circumstances, once I’ve delivered a referral from MammaKind. It is clear you really think about every family and include items specifically for them. Your service is truly personal.”

    Debbie Holland, Wellbeing Practitioner, South Greenwich Centres